A study in attraction for Stockport College

Stockport College

Stockport College

  • Brand Positioning
  • Creative

The challenge

The challenge was simple yet daunting. Run a summer campaign to attract more students to Stockport College in the key period between the exam results appearing and the start of the academic year. Daunting because the college is in direct competition with a number of other further education colleges in the area. We needed a big, single minded idea that would work across a range of media, appeal to both school leavers and adults and adapt to specific tactical messages.

The solution

Our key insight was that the college’s USP is Stockport itself. Tell local students that the course they want is available at a college with superb facilities in this big, well-connected town, and they need a very good reason to choose anywhere else.

This led us to create a campaign built around the word PORT, with a series of different prefixes to represent various aspects of what the college offers. As well as emphasising the location, the word refers to something you plug into to gain access to what you need: power, knowledge, training, apprenticeships, inspiration, opportunity… Hence the strap line – ‘plug your future into the right port’.