Static caravans, dynamic sales growth

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  • Paid Search
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Key results

  • 600%

    Increase in data sets

  • 130%

    Increase in leads

  • £1,100,000

    Worth of additional sales

The challenge

Willerby is the UK’s largest manufacturer of holiday homes and lodges. With a business model reliant on a constant flow of sales leads it needed a pay per click strategy to enhance its position as a market leader. Previous attempts at paid search had failed and there was a need to reduce the businesses cost per click and improve the quality of leads.

The approach

We conducted extensive research into historic converting traffic to identify key trends and opportunities around location and product terminology. This combined with data taken from Willerby’s Park Finder tool allowed us to build an expansive new account with location and product focused ads that targeted specific search queries. Meaning static caravan and holiday home related searches from Skye to St. Ives have location specific copy to create a highly targeted campaign.


The new account structure increased the volume of unique keywords from 92 to 37,956, the number of campaigns grew from seven to 143, the amount of Ad groups rose to 2,974 from 15 and there were 11,805 unique ads compared to 44. After the first six months Big Brand Ideas increased the number of data sets by 600%, which led to a 130% uplift in leads and £1.1 million additional revenue.

Since working with Big Brand Ideas I've been impressed by the team’s creativity, insight, knowledge and most importantly their drive. Having worked with various members of the different teams its clear to see that they have recruited highly skilled individuals who specialise in key areas that have been a huge benefit to Willerby.

Dan Murphy,

Digital Marketing Manager

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