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Paddy Power

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The Challenge

Always on the hunt for crazy ways to own a moment, we knew Paddy Power would be looking for a conversation showstopper to own a share of voice around the 2017 snap election. Our approach to content unifies who we are, and from time to time we have to slap ourselves with a wet fish to bring our ideas back down to earth.

From there an idea was born for a highly topical online game with the power to go viral and drive traffic to their website. We sold this idea speculatively to Paddy Power, they loved it and the engagement that it delivered.

Key results

  • 3.5

    Million game interactions

  • 8

    Minutes average play time

The Approach

We didn’t need to conduct social listening to know that the key to owning a part of the greatest political show on earth lay in putting the performers at its very heart.

For the chiefs of mischief, our approach needed to create something witty and irreverent. It only seemed right for Paddy Power to allow the great British public the opportunity to give politicians a jolly good slap to relieve some inner stress around the snap election.

We lined up the contenders and the Slap Election LIVE was born. We offered voters the opportunity to slap a party leader with a wet fish. It was an equal opportunity unpopularity contest with May, Corbyn, Farron, Sturgeon, Nuttall and Wood. Every slap was counted.

The game was launched via social channels and within 24 hours had captured a huge amount of data to show what the UK thought about their potential leaders, split to UK regions. Intelligent Engagement provided a rich data output that Paddy Power could use to drive further engagement around the election within regional locations across the UK.

Paddy Power loved BBI’s innovation and ability to produce such a hilarious piece of content. The high level of engagement (over 3,000,000 interactions) clearly shows that interactive content can effectively engage audiences, regardless of the subject matter.

Lee Price,

Head of PR