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Spotlighting Bad Drivers to promote dash cams


  • Film
  • Social Media

The challenge

Nextbase supply the market-leading range of dash cams and wanted to reach a younger demographic, who would appreciate the main benefit of having a dash cam in your car: to prove you’re not at fault in an accident, and possibly lower motor insurance premiums.

The solution

We created a Mockumentary series, with comedy characters played by top-tier influencers highlighting bad driving habits, including ‘middle lane driver’, ‘it’s-never-my-fault driver’ and ‘tailgater’. We reached our audience with a multi-channel approach, combining targeted TV sponsorship and social media.

A Facebook campaign targeted our ‘Bad Drivers’ mini-series to young drivers who enjoy irreverent comedy. Secondary content pieces were designed to keep interest high between the hero content launches.

The outcome

Nextbase ‘Bad Drivers’ idents were featured on Driving Entertainment on Dave from September to December.

In addition, the series received over 350,000 views on Facebook and reached an audience of over a million, as well as sparking hundreds of reactions and comments, with viewers tagging their friends to watch. The campaign also grew their Facebook page likes by 400%.