New Forest National Park

Helping children to learn about the New Forest as they play


  • Design
  • Animation
  • Games & Interactives

The New Forest Transport commission wanted to educate Parents and Children about the New Forest, its history and the benefits of using public transport.

The approach

Using insights to inform

We looked at pester power as a key to driving awareness, creating a book centred around Furzley the squirrel and his journey around the forest. On his travels he learns all about the forest and the natural wildlife that inhabit the surrounding area.

The results

A multi-channel success

With the creation of an online game, the offline book drives awareness within the classroom and encourages children and parents to play the game. With more education and interaction, children are encouraged to complete the game and in doing so are rewarded with a certificate which they are able to take to the New Forest.

On presenting the certificate to the Park Warden’s office, they are awarded a Ranger’s badge. It’s classic, offline, online, offline!

Big Brand Ideas were a pleasure to work with, their creativity was matched by their efficiency, resulting in a truly excellent product that has been well received internally and by children across the New Forest.

Mark Holroyd

Transport & Tourism Manager – The New Forest National Park

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