Scoring Wembley ticket sales 33.5% above target for the Silkmen

Macclesfield Town FC

Macclesfield Town FC

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The task

We’re proud sponsors of our local football club. So when Macclesfield Town reached the 2017 final of the Buildbase FA Trophy at Wembley, we offered to donate our services and create a campaign to help them maximise ticket sales.

The target

The average home attendance at the Moss Rose hovers around 1500, mainly males over 30. So the club’s target of selling 6000 tickets for their biggest match in many years was an ambitious one. And they were also keen to start attracting a new, more diverse generation of fans with tempting discounts for young people and big groups.

The campaign

Collaborating closely with the club, shirt sponsor Arighi Bianchi and other local businesses, we created an irresistibly positive and inclusive campaign, working across posters, print ads, social media, large outdoor banners and a special webpage. And with just over a month between winning the semi-final and playing the final, we worked fast.

The theme? Just asking people to go to Wembley wasn’t dramatic or compelling enough. Instead we developed the “We’re going…” campaign, backed up by #SeeYouAtWembley as a focus for social media activity. The effect was to create a ‘social norm’: a bandwagon everybody would want to join.

Back of the net!

The target was 6000. The final number supporting the Silkmen at Wembley was 8012, so we helped the club to over-achieve by 33.5%, and beat their average home attendance by 400%.

Season ticket sales during the following summer were double the previous year’s total. A clear sign of momentum for the future.

In fact everything went fabulously except the match. York beat Macclesfield 3-2.