Immediate impact on lead generation through highly targeted social advertising

  • Performance
  • Paid Search

Key results

  • 1.6 million

    targeted ad impressions - increase of 1065%

  • 7,682

    interactions – compared to 1,375 in the previous seven months

  • 10x

    drop in average cost per lead

The challenge

Edhec is one of the leading business schools in Europe and attracts students from across the globe. It wanted to improve the quality and quantity of leads for its Global MBA course through an integrated marketing approach.

The approach

In a highly seasonal market, it was important to plan activity in advance. Our main priority was to complete a full digital audit of Edhec’s existing marketing and to understand customer behaviours. We decided a combination of Google and paid social was the best approach, so we broke down each ad campaign to understand the target audience as well as using Search Query reports to build out new target criteria. We then implemented these findings into new, highly targeted advertising campaigns which focused on specific audiences in countries across the globe at the right time. This ensured we were targeting the right customers with the correct messaging at the right time of the customer journey.


The results were almost immediate. Within four months of the new campaign going live we generated over 1.6 million targeted ad impressions, 7,682 interactions, compared to 1,375 in the previous seven months, and the average cost per lead reduced by over 10 times.

Our Global MBA course is one of the most highly regarded in Europe and we wanted to encourage applicants from all over the world. We knew we had the content, but we needed help activating it, that’s why we approached Big Brand Ideas. We felt that it was the best agency for us as the team had a clear idea of how they could help and make an impact in an extremely competitive marketplace.

The team’s approach was extremely granular, and no avenue was left unexplored. The results speak for themselves and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other businesses.

Julie McCloskey,

Director of Marketing and Communications

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