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The situation

Fresh Student Living needed to maximise occupancy of some of their accommodation for the peak booking period. Our idea was to create an interactive that would get them to provide their data without feeling that they were just completing a form. That data would produce the required sales leads.

What we did

There were already too many student events, so we made sure we stood out by creating an interactive called Model Student, inviting students to create a personalised doll by providing some personality traits along with their email address and study city. This was promoted via targeted Facebook ads to ensure we only reached students in Fresh’s key locations. The data was then used for an email campaign, generating the required leads.

The outcome

The month-long Facebook campaign collected 1,643 unique email addresses, all students in our target cities. A follow-up highly targeted email campaign delivered 50 hot leads to the accommodation managers. Total annual earning potential over £250,000.