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Marston’s wanted to build a customer loyalty scheme to drive footfall across their portfolio during the 2018 World Cup. Without the media spend of other major players, we needed an approach that would connect, engage and build repeat business throughout the duration of the competition.

The approach

Insight inspired creativity

Using our intelligent approach to engagement, our creative technologists used insights to build a digital loyalty scheme aimed at connecting footfall communities via their local.

Combining the British public’s love for fantasy football with THE biggest sporting event of the year, the Marston’s Match Predictor was born.

Developed to connect players on a regular basis, the predictor allowed you to guess one pre-selected game per day (chosen by popularity), the chance to play for your local pub and the opportunity to win a free pint every time you played.

To ensure accessibility, the game was browser-based and accessible on all platforms. The game was promoted via a social campaign encouraging sign up and plays.

  • 4,600

    sign ups

  • 2,500

    pints redeemed

  • 34 %

    voucher redemption rate

BBI conceptualised and executed our 2018 World Cup campaign with Foster’s and we were delighted with the results. We saw a significant increase in engagement nationally throughout the tournament and look forward to working with them for other key sporting events.

Abby Hobday

Digital Marketing Manager

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