Boosting revenue and rankings through organic and paid advertising

  • Performance
  • Paid Search

Key results

  • £2.2 million

    organic revenue in 2019

  • 21%

    increase in ROAS year on year

  • £130,000

    reduction in advertising spend

  • 20%

    more traffic visiting the Phoenix website

The challenge

The challenge for Phoenix Health & Safety was to create a balance between its paid and organic search. Historically there was an over reliance on pay-per-click advertising which was cannibalising organic rankings and effecting ROI.

The approach

The client’s main objective was to increase revenue by 10% on the previous year. Over a 12-month period we completely restructured its pay-per-click advertising accounts to optimise performance. We conducted in-depth research into key search terms used for health and safety. We then used the data to build a content calendar based around specific keywords which targeted organic search terms whilst carefully creating highly targeted campaigns and ad groups for the key terms we didn’t have organic visibility for.


Once the new strategy had been implemented the results were clear. Organic revenue increased from £1.8 million in 2017 to £2.2 million in 2019, return on advertising spend rose by 21% year-on-year and Phoenix reduced its PPC spending by £130,000. With the introduction of optimised social media and website content, traffic to the Phoenix website increased by 20%, meaning the business recorded its best back-to-back revenue months in June and July. There was also a reduction in budget wastage whilst maintaining Phoenix’s dominance in ad search engine results.

We’d been investing significant budget in Google and Bing advertising but seeing limited return. We wanted to maximise our return on investment but needed help doing it. We approached the team at Big Brand Ideas, and they helped us to develop a clear and highly targeted campaign that delivered extremely impressive instant results.

I’d absolutely recommend them to any business that is looking for a new direction with its pay-per-click advertising. The team was easy to deal with and highly knowledgeable.

Nick Higginson,

Managing Director Phoenix Health & Safety

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