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Breaking the Cryptocurrency system


  • Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Content
  • Web Development

The challenge

Create a brand and platform for a Cryptocurrency brokerage to convey a trustworthy message and give potential investors, a clear picture, honest advice and a secure platform to operate on.

Key results

  • £3m

    worth of deals

  • 500

    users and growing daily

  • 500%

    faster with automatic transactions

The approach

This new industry is considered by many to be untrustworthy and unproven. Fully highlighting the areas, personas and messaging for clients was essential. Removing the stigma and conveying a safe platform backed by experienced and highly knowledgeable people, was key to acquiring traffic through the site.


The brand and website were incredibly well received and conveyed the intended ethos; trustworthy, honest and insightful content and advanced industry knowledge from respected professionals.