Discovering what makes your brand tick to help drive differentiation, preference and consideration

Brand Positioning

Understanding the distinct position that your brand needs to adopt in its competitive environment is a critical part of your marketing strategy. Because brands with strong identities win through.

“You talkin’ to me?”. Robert de Niro’s famous question gets right to the heart of brand positioning. It’s the science of knowing who you’re talking to and using that knowledge to reach them with a clearly defined message. It is one of the most powerful tools that we can use to drive differentiation, yet often is overlooked as the focus rests on the visual execution. You wouldn’t build a house without strong foundations, the same is true for your brand.

A collaborative approach

At the heart of our approach to developing a strong brand positioning is an interactive workshop format. Depending on the business needs, this can also be preceded by discovery phases including internal deep dive sessions, customer research and market reports.

The workshop approach allows us to explore all elements that make up your brand from understanding attributes and benefits, to exploring customers insights and your brand essence.

We involve senior members of the Big Brand Ideas team to ensure we gather insights from every angle, ensuring we can bring your brand to life across every marketing channel.

A framework for the future

Gathering all the outputs from the workshop, we then dissect every element to look for key themes and insight, allowing us to create a framework that you can use not just to develop marketing campaigns, but to build your employer brand. After all, for a brand to be successful it has to live and breathe internally as well as externally.

Great brand positioning requires inspiration, bravery, a future vision and don’t be afraid of alienating people

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