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Big Brand Ideas on Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing aims to deliver better quality leads to your sales pipeline before you even talk to them. By delivering high-value, targeted content your prospects will qualify themselves based on their online behaviour and the intent they show online.

At Big Brand Ideas, we believe that effective marketing communications delivered through the inbound methodology can move your prospects along the sales funnel, turn them into a sales qualified lead, and eventually into a customer.

What is the Inbound Methodology?

The inbound marketing methodology is one of the best ways to turn strangers into website visitors, into marketing/sales qualified leads, into customers, and finally into promoters of your business.

The four stages of the methodology are:

• Attract
• Convert
• Close
• Delight


No matter how good you think your brand is or how unique your product / service you still need to stand out from the crowd online. By putting your brand in front of prospects using the inbound marketing methodology when they are looking for what you offer helps you attract pre-qualified prospects to your website.

Big Brand Ideas will work with you to ensure that you attract the “right” traffic to your website not just “any” traffic. During the attract stage we will:

• Develop your customer personas (your target audience)
Develop content that they want to see
• Optimise your website for search
Develop your social media marketing


Having lots of visitors to your website is great but you need to ensure that they are converted into leads. Working together we will determine the type of content that is relevant to your personas and then build out campaigns that resonate with them the best from the challenges they face to the solutions available.

During the convert stage we will build inbound marketing campaigns that include:

• Landing pages
• Calls to action
• Email marketing campaigns


Closing is turning your qualified leads into customers.

At BBI we know through experience that closing a lead and turning them into a customer can be a long process. It can often take months for prospects to decide to buy from you. They need to compare your products and services against competitors, prepare a business case and then finally budget. During all this time, you need to continue to nurture the lead. Inbound marketing leads can often become some of the highest spending clients or customers on your books.

Together we will:

• Develop marketing automation and workflows
• Deliver effective email campaigns
• Utilise the information and power of your CRM


Once your leads have become customers the hard work isn’t over. You want them to continue to come back to you for more, develop up sell and cross sell opportunities and reinforce their buying decision. That’s what the delight stage of inbound marketing is all about.

By continuing to engage with your customers through dynamic content, social media and behaviour led marketing you will keep hold of their business and help grow your sales pipeline for the future. In addition, a happy customer will often become one of your most powerful sales tools – the evangelist.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

Hubspot partners

We’re proud to be in partnership with Hubspot, the world’s leading inbound marketing software. Together we can help you nurture marketing qualified leads into red hot sales prospects.

Inbound marketing Hubspot

Find out more about Inbound marketing

If you would like to find out more about how inbound marketing can help your business give us a call or get in touch. We can help you with everything from choosing the best solution for you by building your inbound strategy through to managing the day to day programme.