We've helped brands across the world develop and launch feature-rich web and native apps

App Development

Our expertise covers the entire development cycle, from planning and designing an intuitive user interface, to prototypes, product launch and beyond.

Choosing the right technology for each project allows us to tailor the build and deliver a bespoke solution, creating competitive advantage and revenue growth.

Web apps with the power of native apps

We work with modern Javascript technologies such as React, Vue and Angular to build dynamic browser-based apps. The constant evolution of browser APIs gives us access to fast-moving frameworks and allows us to bring native app-like experiences to the web browser. Push notifications, real-time connections and offline access give us the power to create engaging apps without the barrier to conversion of requiring an app to be downloaded and installed. We can even make use of the device’s built-in hardware to give access to a user’s location, microphone and camera (with their permission of course!)

iOS and Android

Google’s and Apple’s operating systems make up the vast majority of the smartphone market, and we can develop native apps for both. We’ll even consider building apps for Windows Phones if necessary!

Attracting users and keeping them engaged

Building the perfect app is only half the battle, we’ll also need to attract the right type of users and ensure they continue to engage. Our in-house engagement team can help to create a buzz around the launch of the app, and the performance team will help us to monitor user behaviour to continually optimise.

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