We’ve teamed up with American Golf to launch Home in One

Abi Owers



How do you help a sports retailer stay relevant during the Covid-19 crisis? Via an interactive sporting experience of course.

It’s a Home in One for American Golf

We’ve teamed up with our friends at American Golf to launch the ‘Home in One’ campaign to keep golfers connected to each other and to the brand during the Covid-19 lockdown.

‘Home in One’ builds on American Golf’s Pressure Putt Challenge, where players have 60 seconds to steady their hand and sink as many putts as possible with the distance to the hole growing after each putt.

Identifying the moment to own

Spotting an opportunity with searches for practice equipment on the up and with people spending 40% more time than usual on their smart phones, our team worked with American Golf to create a visual identity, leaderboard and supporting launch videos in less than two weeks.

Now, the ‘Home in One’ game enables golfers to play a 10ft version of the original Pressure Putt Challenge, lets them compete in national and regional leagues and build a league of their own for their club, friends or family.

A campaign backed by celebrities and pros

A long list of golf pros and celebrities have already taken part in the Pressure Putt Challenge including Niall Horan, Jamie Carragher, AP McCoy and Dan Walker.

The campaign will be seeded via social media, influencers, email and PR.

You can still be relevant even during lockdown

With a huge opportunity for brands to remain relevant during lockdown and with many large sporting events cancelled, interactive content is a great way to still own a part of that moment between brand and consumer.

Evidence from past downturns shows that companies who have maintained activity have generated higher growth than those who went quiet. Whilst in lockdown, it’s clear that brands still have a role to play.

If you fancy trying your hand at golf, or see yourself as a bit of a pro, why not challenge the nation or friends via

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