Using automatic IGTV captions to drive content performance

Chloe Parsonson



Instagram has launched a new feature that will allow you to select ‘Auto-Generated Captions’ in your caption settings when uploading an IGTV video. So what does this mean for the way your content can perform?

The captions are AI-powered and will only be visible to users watching videos on mute, starting off in 16 languages worldwide.

Instagram was quick to note that development of this feature wasn’t easy, taking into account the slang used in IGTV and the varying degrees of video quality. This meant that auto-captioning videos required cutting-edge research and engineering to power the AI that was used in the process.

Sound on or off?

With Facebook offering auto-captions since 2017, the update was long-awaited, not just from hearing-impaired users, but brands and influencers looking to reach a wider audience. Research found that 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound and that branded content ads designed for 'sound off' viewing have 48% more relevance to viewers, leading to 42% higher purchase intent.

What does this mean for brand led content and audience engagement?

Will this help brands to better connect with audiences? Social Media Manager at BBI, Jodie Houghton said:

“Using captions in social videos has been a best practice of ours for a while now, so it’s encouraging to see that it’s now easier for creators to embrace it in IGTV. In cases where we compared videos with captions to those without, view times were boosted by almost 12% and overall views were consistently higher.”

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