How five days in Cannes can give your marketing a kick up the Croisette

Tristan Morris



The 66th annual Festival of Creativity kicks off in Cannes today. Did someone say "great, but what's that got to do with the nitty gritty of marketing in Manchester?" It's a fair question, and the answer is... plenty!

Vive le ROI

If you think Cannes is just an expensive backslapping jaunt for Mad Men types, you're doing it an injustice. Because it's also the world's leading forum for the serious study of a serious subject. How to get the best possible return on investment from your marketing budget.

Love Island

The agenda for this year's Cannes festival discusses lots of big, relevant questions. It also provides the perfect business-related excuse to watch some reality TV and spend time on Snapchat, because questions the movers, shakers and thinkers will be discussing at Cannes include:

Can creativity interact with popular culture like Love Island and Game of Thrones without appearing gimmicky?

How can we balance purpose and profit? Can we be socially responsible without sacrificing commercial effectiveness?

Emotional stories are the traditional way to engage people with brands, but can that still work on digital platforms when you only have anyone's attention for a few seconds?

What's the right balance between long-term brand building and short term brand activition - or has brand building had its day?

How are the smartest firms adapting to today's "ad-blocking, mobile-first, Amazon-dominated, voice-enabled world"?

Welcome to ‘Cannes-Chester’

It's all deep, challenging stuff, and now for the good news. You don't have to spend five days sipping Aperol Spritz on the Cote d'Azure to benefit from the serious side of the festival (OK, maybe that's bad news). Here at Big Brand Ideas in Manchester we'll be in "virtual Cannes", following proceedings online, grabbing insights and inspiration. All without leaving the North West of England or even wearing sunglasses.

It's just part of our constant quest to keep pace with the latest industry thinking, and use it to do what we do best: produce exciting work that perfectly balances creativity and effectiveness.

So to get all those insights from Cannes working for your brand, all you have to do is talk to us.