Everything's changing at the moment. Including BBI.

Jon Butler



In the past few years at Big Brand Ideas, we've made quite a name for ourselves as one of the North West's leading and fastest-growing agencies.

Founded in 2011, we have evolved over an eventful decade from "that little place in Macclesfield" to something dramatically different. 

From strength to strength

First, we opened our content and creative technology arm, Trunk. Now we also have a rapidly growing health subdivision. 

Over the past 12 months we have gone from strength to strength, climbing 17 places to 22 in the Prolific North Top 50 integrated agencies. 

That achievement was crowned when we won Large Integrated Agency of the Year at the 2020 Prolific North Awards. So what else is changing?

Introducing Customerology™

First and foremost, we are repositioning ourselves as what we now are: a content-led performance agency. And we have developed our own proprietary model to make the unique BBI approach clear and memorable. 

Customerology™ blends behavioural science, data expertise and performance techniques with our gift for irresistible creative content. 

It encapsulates our mission to help each client gain and maintain a competitive advantage for their brand.

Rebranded, repositioned, reinvented 

To mark the new BBI era, we are also rebranding. It's farewell to the name Big Brand Ideas. Say "hi" to BBI (which is what most people already call us anyway). And of course, there is a new visual identity to match the new name. So, it's also goodbye to our traditional red and hello to yellow.

However, the refreshed logo keeps our brand’s iconic elephant: a nod to our passion for creating unforgettable experiences.

A new HQ too

BBI's head office has also relocated to Manchester city centre. We now occupy a newly created 70-seat space designed for the next generation of agency team and client relationships. You'll find us at Manchester House on Princess Street. 

The design, by Atul Bansal from Sheila Bird Studio, provides a tech-enabled working space where clients and agency teams can work creatively together — on the premises or remotely. 

State of the art video conferencing-enabled meeting rooms, and soundproofed booths have been fused with creative lounge areas, ideal for collaboration or focused working. There's even a rooftop terrace, and we're planning open-air events to make the most of it. 

Why have we taken this step? 

Digital performance has always been our heartland, but we have evolved over the last three years to adopt a content-led approach. 

Our commitment to being a content-led performance agency will support a new generation of brand and agency relationships that deliver true value and strategic direction.

Creating flexible working spaces that nurture creativity is key. We have created an environment that gives our clients and teams the opportunity to select the most productive space, depending on the task at hand and recognising that one space doesn’t fit all.

Our new tech-enabled location also helps us to draw from a wider talent pool. We have team members based across the North West and London who we collaborate brilliantly with. 

I couldn’t be prouder or more thankful to our agency team and clients. Our team has done a brilliant job setting us up for the future. Our vision and values for the agency represent a progressive space where great careers are formed, and relationships are developed.

Our Customerology™ model will continue to help us accelerate performance. We look forward to working with more brands requiring a renewed approach to gain that competitive edge.

We'd love to tell you more about Customerology™. Want to find out more? Contact Robbie Pringle [email protected]