Big Brand Ideas launches Hotel Brooklyn with ‘Mancs meets Yanks’ campaign

Abi Owers



So, Bespoke Hotels invited the guys and dolls at Big Brand Ideas to help promote their spectacular new 5-star Hotel Brooklyn, corner of Portland and Sackville in downtown Manchester. And maybe, just maybe, it's gone to our heads a little.

We responded to the challenge by developing a Brooklynese tone of voice and working alongside the hotel and its teams to create some of the coolest content this side of the Hudson, from social channels to audio scripts that play out in the hotel loos.

With its rapidly growing and glamourous Instagram it’s no wonder Hotel Brooklyn has received huge media interest with back to back press visits and plenty of regional and national coverage.

Prior to its ribbon cutting, we also carried out a sophisticated social media advertising campaign that saw hundreds of applicants make an appearance at the hotel’s casting day to employ the best of the best for a true Brooklyn experience.

The brand theme that gives Hotel Brooklyn its WOW! factor is the classic NYC vibe of the 1920s to 1940s, the era of wiseguys and goodtime gals celebrated in the stories of Damon Runyon, with names like Harry the Horse and the Seldom Seen Kid.

Long story short, Big Brand Ideas made sure this 189-bedroom luxury joint was a launch success.

There's a doozy of a destination restaurant named Runyon's, and up in the sky there's a ninth-floor bar they christened Salvation. Also up there in the clouds is an events space with views to die for and room for over 200 guests called...what else?...Brooklyn Heights.

The folks at Bespoke Hotels run a portfolio of places around England, Scotland and Wales and know all about Big Brand Ideas. So when they needed a team with the content creation chutzpah, PR pizazz and social media savvy to help them recruit the right staff and support the hotel's grand opening on Valentine's Day...seriously, who else were they going to call?

See more about Manchester's most talked about new hotel here, and don’t forget to book yourself in at Hotel Brooklyn.