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Natural health, nutritional supplements and selfcare are on the rise among people from all ages, but Gen Y and Z in particular. With a nation of consumers highly engaged in prioritising their health and wellbeing and taking self-care into their own hands, instead of relying on doctor’s visits, traditional healthcare and pharmaceutical medications.

SFI’s overarching commercial objective was to establish SFI as the first global brand offering best in class quality natural health products accompanied by exceptional service and empowering people to responsibly resolve health needs.

01. Objectives

The marketing challenge

BBI were challenged by SFI to buck this wider opportunity in a crowded and competitive natural health market by ensuring preference and loyalty for SFI’s brands by differentiating them through their quality, efficacy, and heritage.

Hired by SFI to be their strategic digital agency, BBI were asked to breathe new life into the brands. Flexing deep category insights and a robust understanding of target audiences, our task was to help position the UK SFI team as the leading market globally by demonstrating new initiatives and successes for other markets to learn from.

02. Insights

Uncovering insights through Customerology

As specialists in consumer facing healthcare, our Customerology™ methodology moves multi-generational audiences by connecting behavioural drivers with multiple data points. 

For SFI, a brand steeped in heritage in Potter’s Herbals through to its Equazen brand that leads the brain health category for families, we unearthed what made their audiences tick, the touchpoints we needed to consider, the journey and retail points needing activating to deliver true performance in the personal wellbeing space, and for its markets globally.

With an overall shift towards holistic wellness and the future lying in new audiences with different traits, four behavioural drivers set a new direction for how SFI could engage its audiences:

  1. 01

    The rise of selfcare and well care

  2. 02

    The holistic approach to healthy drives a focus on nutrition

  3. 03

    Kindness to the planet is a high priority for Gen Y and Z

  4. 04

    Supplements to support brain health are gaining popularity

For category leader Equazen, our Customerology™ eye opener was the concept that brain health runs the wellness show. Research identified the understanding of the benefits of Omega 3&6 on the brain remained relatively untapped. With a global drive towards improved mental performance, yet the intensity of lifestyles and high tech times being seen to impair brain health, performance and mood, there was a huge opportunity to promote Equazen as the key optimising life tool in proactive self-care and well-care for a healthy brain.

We wanted to position Omega 3 & 6 as brain boosting nootropics and as a medicine cabinet essential

Clinical studies provided the science behind the benefits of Omega 3 & 6, especially for children, women during pregnancy and for adults living a busy life. The distinct lack of understanding, underpinned by scientific evidence, sat as the driver for connecting core audiences. 

03. Solution

Setting a proven framework for success

An integrated nurture model, made to move audiences 

We combined our analytical data with behavioural motivations and triggers to build an integrated nurture model to enlighten people to the benefits of Equazen. This approach delivered a rich playground of insights to direct creative content streams and channel strategies.

A playful proposition ‘Feed the Brain’ formed the basis of campaigning and content activity, wrapped with behavioural nuggets created a three-part strategy that formed the foundation of our approach:

  1. 01

    Content to drive meaningful interactions with audiences

  2. 02

    Channels that connected audiences via high impact interactive content to deliver a strong ROI, with minimal wastage, to move target audiences

  3. 03

    World class solutions to drive global strategies

Content to drive meaningful interactions 

Refreshed assets rolled out across channels elevated the brand to drive higher levels of awareness and interest via social and other branded activity. Our Customerology™ content audit identified the need for refreshed content to breathe new life into the strategy, with a strong focus on engaging parents. 

Content needed to inspire, engage, inform and drive reactions; a strategy that flexed around retailer and product promotions was key, with the importance of driving rational and emotional connections. Interactive content was key.

Mini campaigns centred around ‘Feed the Brain’ were designed to educate, inspire and initiate a reaction, from content engagement to social sharing to advocacy via word of mouth. Video content was captured from expert spokespeople and real-life customers with edits created for earned and owned channels, whilst new photography was commissioned with our defined target audiences in mind.

A series of games, centred around brain health, were created by our creative tech team. The brain teasers were housed on optimised landing pages on-site.

Channel planning to maximise ROI and minimise wastage 

An intelligent blend of paid, owned and earned activity optimised audience touchpoints to deliver strong results. Highly targeted and high performing paid social using Instagram and Facebook drove an uplift to retailer sites, flexed by organic routes and partner social platforms. 

Search data inspired content campaigns to deliver an increase in share of voice and organic search traffic. Organic social activity sought to connect and move a passionate audience of parents, powered by PR and influencer engagement. 

Traffic to the interactive was achieved via an intelligent combination of organic social and paid social ads before retargeting posts were implemented to drive purchases.

World class solutions to drive global strategies 

The content led performance strategy has set a new standard for SFI, connecting audiences in an interactive way to drive meaningful engagement. The positioning around brain health has created a vast amount of opportunity for campaigning to be extended, both in the UK and across global markets too. 

04. Results

Delivering short term sales and building long term brand growth

The impact of our strategy and campaign has been significant, delivering result across a broad range of hard business metrics and softer brand metrics. National and regional PR coverage was secured across product placement, case studies and expert advisory feature content and comments. Social organic engagement rose sharply, with monthly year on year growth of over 700% and a 151% increase in follower growth.

  • 100 %

    increase in PPC revenue

  • 112 %

    increase in ROAS

  • 11 k

    visits to retail partner sites

Most importantly, our activity delivered a proven return with significant increases in sales volume and the efficiency of media spend.

We approached Big Brand Ideas to help us maximise our budgets and tailor a strategy that worked best for us. From the moment I met the team I was more than confident that they could help us achieve our objectives and the results speak for themselves.

Jade Fowles

Marketing Manager

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