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In-car technology has seen exponential growth over the last 15 years. The development of GPS and smart devices has meant our go-to means of transport has transformed into a high tech environment that attracts many competing brands.

Nextbase have been one of the leading brands in this space, working almost exclusively on their core dash cam product range. BBI has been working with them for over 5 years, focussing on the core UK market but also setting the social and content strategy globally. Together we have ensured Nextbase benefit from a significant market share advantage over the rest of the competition, resulting in stronger retail partnerships and price control.

01. Objectives

The marketing challenge

The dash cam market has changed considerably over the last 5 years, but at the start of our journey together, it was very much restricted to a niche audience – the ‘quality’ motoring fanatics who read the tabloids and wore driving gloves. Whilst ensuring the brand was still relevant to this small but important sector, we were faced with 2 considerable strategic objectives:

  1. 01

    How to significantly increase the market size, not just share, by bringing the benefits of dash cams to a much broader, mainstream audience.

  2. 02

    How to grow and maintain their market-leading position by driving brand preference and salience, ensuring that margins could be maintained.

Our approach needed to combine a mix of sales activation and brand building activity. This was a critical point of our approach as we knew that as the market become more mainstream, increased competition would naturally start a downward spiral on pricing as cheaper, inferior products flooded the market. 

02. Insights

Uncovering insights through Customerology

Whilst mosaic profiling was able to provide us with behavioural insights into existing customers, the marketing objectives needed us to look much further afield as we needed to growth the market.

Our starting point was to focus on the broader market, understanding trends in driving behaviour and purchase triggers. We looked not just at dash cams, but other in-car tech, safety and security devices. We even analysed the growth in dash-cam related broadcast programmes to help demonstrate the move into mainstream.

The research mixed a broad range of quantitative data from online and social search trends, together with a detailed qualitative stage with key audience segments to give us a deeper understanding of behaviour.

From this a number of key insights were established which provided the foundation for our marketing strategy, as well as the spark for our creative approach.

  1. 01

    Poor driving practices are a major topic of conversation across all key segments and the growth in social sharing of experiences provided a key area of opportunity.

  2. 02

    Whilst promoting considerate driving is an important area, we had to be careful that we didn’t come across as trying to teach or preach.

  3. 03

    Key retail periods would continue to be essential to drive growth – particularly with the run up to Christmas. Engaging a younger demographic needed a different approach to cut through the noise.

  4. 04

    Technology was still a key component to underpin the market leading status and to support pricing strategies.

Our annual strategy was mapped to these insights, with clear content pillars and campaigns planned at key periods to maximise impact.

03. Solution

A content-led, performance driven approach to driving brand salience, advocacy and growth.

Bad Drivers Campaign 

Our research indicated the potential of the 18-34 year old audience segment as being key to growing the market, particularly as they would appreciate the main benefit of having a dash cam in their car to prove not to be at fault in an accident, and possibly lower motor insurance premiums. We also knew that:

  1. 01

    Comedy resonates with this younger target audience

  2. 02

    They enjoyed episodic content

  3. 03

    Liked engaging with influencers

  4. 04

    Were happy to immerse themselves in longer forms of content

  5. 05

    Didn’t want to be lectured, wanted to come to their own conclusions

This formed the basis of our strategic and creative thinking for the Bad Drivers campaign; a multi-channel campaign that combined targeted TV sponsorship and social media. We created a Mockumentary series, with comedy characters played by top-tier influencers highlighting bad driving habits, including ‘middle lane driver’, ‘it’s-never-my-fault driver’ and ‘tailgater’.

We built relationships with high tier influencers such as Goubtube and viral Facebook pages such as The Hook and Idiot UK Drivers Exposed for them to promote the campaign content to their audiences.

  • 2 m

    reach across social channels

  • 125 k

    comments and shares

  • 257 %

    increase in referral traffic

Connecting with Christmas shoppers 

Christmas is a key retail period for Nextbase and to drive sales, we knew we had to do more than a traditional shopping campaign. Our research provided insights into key shopping groups, including younger audiences and parents as purchasers.

Fun, shareable content was essential for engagement, but we also looked at influencer activity, curating a list of micro-bloggers/vloggers with dedicated parenting accounts and submitted dedicated Christmas gift guide videos for him and her. Social shopping allowed us to be granular with our targeting and creative messaging, optimising ads as the campaign progressed to push more focus to the best performing ad sets. 

Online and social channels provided us with the opportunity to be hyper-personalised, as well as deliver broadcast levels of reach to cut through the noise. 

We created a number of separate competitions, the first of which was a weekly ‘dash cam giveaway’ featuring live content being broadcast through Facebook Live and invited followers to guess where a presenter had hidden a dash cam in a vehicle. To keep the content fresh, each week we used a different car, including a pink limousine and a VW camper van.

Our second competition was delivered in true Christmas style through 2 different pieces of content. “Dash cam or socks?” saw us send a presenter out on the streets to playfully dare Christmas shoppers to exchange their socks for a dash cam. For the other content piece, our presenter dressed as an elf and took to the Christmas Markets challenging shoppers to a “Road elf and safety” quiz.

Our research indicated the potential of the 18-34 year old audience segment as being key to growing the market, particularly as they would appreciate the main benefit of having a dash cam in their car to prove not to be at fault in an accident, and possibly lower motor insurance premiums. We also knew that:

This was our biggest social shopping campaign to date and combined with the other streams of activity such as Facebook Live and influencer activity, created a hugely successful campaign for us both in terms of sales and awareness.

  • 5.5 m

    impressions over the campaign

  • 30 k

    social likes, shares, comments and clicks

  • 770 k

    video views

Black Friday Yes I Cam 

Our social activity results from the previous period demonstrated the potential to drive brand awareness and sales, so for Black Friday we looked to develop our approach for Black Friday.

We created a nationwide giveaway that would be driven by fans of the brand and give them the opportunity to win a free dash cam. The giveaway was hosted on Facebook Live and fans gained access to the competition via the secret code ‘can you win it?’, ‘yes I cam!’

To build anticipation around the campaign we released a ‘Yes I Cam’ teaser trailer, which was promoted to our target audience via Facebook and Instagram and was viewed for a total of 29,798 minutes, generating 103,717 post engagements. Each day followers were given the opportunity to vote for which city the team visited next via a Facebook poll. We then teased content throughout the week with a mixture of live videos, polls and announcements, video diaries and social stories.

  • 1.4 k

    hours of content views

  • 357 %

    increase on post engagement

  • 23 %

    increase in weekly followers

Series 2 launch 

Whilst market growth was of course key, our strategy had also highlighted the importance of maintaining our market leading position and pricing strategy. We knew through our social listening that technology and features was key to this, so we needed to create a perception gap between the quality of Nextbase products compared to cheaper, inferior products.

We worked with the Nextbase team to bring together a plan to launch their new range of dash cams, giving us the opportunity to dominate the conversation among millennial audiences, geeky tech audiences, and both new and second-generation dash cam owners.

We looked at other tech market leaders and created a new look and feel for the brand, starting with a video that highlighted all the accolades and awards from Series 1  dash cams then a teaser video that showed glimpses of Series 2, dash cams and later releasing a full-length social advert that put the features front and centre, combined with the new look and feel, to solidify Nextbase’s standing as the front runner. 

We created a high impact customer journey where the content was sequentially advertised via paid social, with the final video pointing shoppers to retailers where attractive trade deals had been put in place to drive purchase at the end of the customer journey.

04. Results

Big performance, big results

By producing a multitude of content formats across relevant content pillars to resonate with our core audiences, BBI was able to increase the market pool and engage with audiences beyond the core Nextbase demographic.

45% of our engaged audience on Facebook is now under the age of 45 and in three years, we increased total social media followers by 65k - a 1000% increase on their social following before our first campaign in 2017.

Total impressions (61.7m) increased by 821,502% and engagements (2.6m) increased by 286,489% compared to the previous three years. 7.3m video views in total, 25.2% of which were organic.

Most importantly, Nextbase market share was maintained at 90% of the overall market, despite the market size growing by over 50% year on year.

Using a mix of insights, creativity and social, BBI have brought Nextbase to new audiences while still engaging our core demographic. The results have been nothing short of exceptional.

Bryn Booker

Head of Marketing

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